Welcome To UCD Link

There are a large number of Christians who study and work on the UC Davis campus but, unless they happen to attend the same church, most Christians remain anonymous to one another even if they work in the same department. While there are professional reasons why maintaining Christian anonymity may be considered a wise thing to do on campus, it limits possibilities of providing and receiving support among fellow Christians.

The primary goal of UCD Link is to facilitate opportunities for Christians who work on campus to identify and contact other Christians on campus. It is envisioned that this will help Christian faculty, staff, post-docs and graduate students find Christians in other fields or parts of campus who they can contact for information or their perspective on issues related to their faith or field of endeavor.

A secondary goal of UCD Link will be to organize periodic, informal, social events to help fellow Christians who work on campus to become acquainted with one another.

If you consider yourself a Christian and would like to be in contact with a broader community of Christians as well as receive notices of UCD Link social events, please consider joining UCD Link by going to the Register Page.

If you are interested in finding other Christians on campus please go to the Directory Page.

Please note that the Directory Page is only available to those who have a password. This is to avoid automatic accessing of your information by a random "Google" search of your name. If you choose to join UCD Link and register your information on the website you will be provided access to the directory. The directory will list individuals by name, position, department and church affiliation.

UCD Link is meant to be a support mechanism for Christians who work on campus, not a vehicle for evangelism. Social events organized by UCD Link will be to provide opportunities for people to get acquainted but attendence will be completely voluntary.

NOTE: UCD Link is not officially affiliated, endorsed, funded, hosted, or supported by the University of California at Davis.